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Region Cost of delivery Delivery terms
USA 23€ 3-6 days
Europe 23€ 3-6 days
NZ(New Zealand) 25€ 3-6 days
Asia 25€ 3-6 days
Australia 25€ 3-6 days
* —delivery time depend on location of the place to which delivery is ordered. Delivery time can increase due to reasons out of our influence (weather, traffic situation, and so on)
** — tarrification is automatic
*** — Deliveries to CIS countries 33$ (7-14 days); Europe: 40$ (7-14 days); North America: 45$ (7-20 days); Asia:45$ (7-20 days); South America/Africa: 50$ (14-25 days); Australia/New Zealand: 50$ (10-25 days)

Place of delivery

Delivery is performed to the address specified in your order. If you need to deliver your items to a different address, you must provide the address to our manager, who will contact with you directly after completing your purchase.

Shipping worldwide

We deliver worldwide by "Serbska Post" post service. Tariffs are presented under the table on top of the page, delivery time vary upon distance of the place, but usually not longer then 15-17 days( although it is subject for change cause of the unpredictable circumstances)

Attention! All the parcels sent out of Serbia and delivered to other countries are a subject to customs clearance and additional charges according to the law of receiving country.

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