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The collection of men's clothing from PRIMABELLA for sports ballroom dancing is amazing. Elegant trousers and stylish shirts, fashionable cardigans an...
PrimaBella - Одежда для танцев

Every dancer understands how important is to choose the right costume for training and performances. Therefore, the catalog of the PrimaBella online store contains a variety of collections for children and adults engaged in the European dance program, Latin, and even tango.


Every year, costume designers, seamstresses, and performing dancers create about 7 unique collections at PrimaBella. The appearance of training clothes changes, new styles and prints appear, but the high quality of fabrics remains the same.

The staff of the PrimaBella online store knows firsthand all the dance world's subtleties. We train and perform ourselves, so we perfectly understand the importance of a comfortable costume for dancing.

In PrimaBella's clothes you will feel self-confidence, comfort, and ease of movement.


So that you don't have to spend a lot of time buying the perfect dance costume, we have organized delivery all over the world. Now you can order and buy clothes for dancing classes with delivery.

If you have any questions when placing an order, you can always clarify them with the employees of the PrimaBella store. They will help you decide on the size of training clothes for dancing and will advise you on the terms of delivery.