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A large selection of dance shorts is available in the online shop PRIMABELLA.

Dance shorts are an essential item of clothing for every dancing girl. You can choose to wear shorts under skirts or dresses to feel more comfortable on the dance floor< or combine them with a top and tunic for a unique style. Often dancers try to choose such shorts to match the main costume or buy a neutral black version.

But shorts can also be the main element of clothing. In such cases you should choose shorts with jewelry, different patterns or a special cut. For example, in the catalog of our online store, there are shorts with a fringe that will repeat the movements of the dancer.

In addition to the appearance, when choosing shorts, special attention should be paid to the fabric from which they are sewn, as well as the convenience of the model.

PRIMABELLA shorts are designed with all the subtleties of dance in mind. They are perfect for performing latin dance and ballroom dance. We have been engaged in dancing ourselves for many years, so we are sure that nothing in our shorts will prevent you from having a perfect practice.

Purchase and delivery

You can buy women's and children's training shorts in the online shop PRIMABELLA. Check our size chart before you buy to make sure that the dance costume fits you perfectly.

In addition to shorts our store offers a large selection of other training clothes:

You can order them with delivery to the USA and other countries.

Delivery is free of charge on all orders over 300$.