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Leggings – is a great choice of comfortable clothes for ballroom dancing and other sports. Comfortable high-rise leggings from PRIMABELLA will give you a special feeling of freedom while dancing.

Stylish leggings combine well with our blouses, tunics and tops.

Features of dance leggings

Unlike simple leggings, models for dancing are sewn taking into account the specifics of the sport:

  • despite the fact that the leggings tightly fit the legs, they retain freedom of movement;
  • dance clothing models show the movement of the athlete's muscles so that the coach can always correct her;
  • thanks to use of elastic fabrics, even with sudden movements, the leggings do not tear;
  • dance leggings are resistant to abrasion.

The catalog of the PRIMABELLA online shop presents both classic black leggings without unnecessary details, and more interesting models with a mesh or an original design of the belt.

Regardless of which model you like, you can be sure of its quality. We sew all our models ourselves at PRIMABELLA, which means we control the quality of fabrics.

Making an order

You can buy your favorite leggings with delivery directly in the PRIMABELLA online shop. We deliver high-quality clothes for dancing classes all over the world.

Don't forget to take a look at other sections of our catalog. There you will find a large selection of women's and men's dance clothes, as well as models for girls and toddlers.