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Dance Trousers


This is the most popular attribute in every dancer's wardrobe. On our site you can find the largest collection of trousers for dance, workout and life.

The first dance training sessions are the most difficult for many children. Both boys and girls are afraid of appearing clumsy, shy of the first awkward movements, and may never want to dance again.

It is important to support the wishes of young dancers at such moments. High-quality kids dance clothes are a great way to give your child self-confidence and captivate him with the world of dance.


In the assortment of the PrimaBella store you can buy various types of kids dance outfits:

  • dresses,
  • skirts,
  • shirts,
  • leotards,
  • trousers,
  • shorts,
  • tops,
  • dressing gowns.

Depending on the wishes of the child and the program that he performs, you can buy plain or bright clothes for training.

Since we have our own production, we can guarantee the high quality of sewing. We use only those fabrics that will not cause inconvenience to young dancers. In PrimaBella workout clothes, your kids will feel like dancing stars.


By ordering products from the PRIMABELLA a store, you can order delivery to the United States or to any other country. For more information, please visit the delivery page on our site.

Delivery is free of charge on all orders over 300$.